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TWISTER Fun Game – 6130


Object of the Game

To be able to outmaneuver your opponent in placing hands and feet oh colored circles as directed by the spinner.



  1. The first time you play, carefully assemble the spinner, as shown below.

  2. Spread the mat out on a flat surface, faceup.

  3. All players take off your shoes and set them aside. If you’re playing outdoors, you may want to anchor the mat corners with your shoes.


Game Play

  • 2 players: Take turns to call out the moves without using the spinner. Make it as tricky as you like!
  • More than 2 players: Choose a referee to spin the spinner and call out the moves.
  • More than 4: Squeeze on extra players wherever you can or split into teams and play a Twister Tournament!


Starting Positions

Stand in the positions as shown on the illustration.


Get Twistin’

Spin the spinner, Ref! Call out the color and which hand or foot to move (e.g. Left Hand Red!) All players must move their left hand to an empty red circle as quickly as possible.

  1. Only one hand or foot per circle! The first player there occupies the circle. If you can’t agree who got there first, the ref decides. The ref’s decision is final.
  2. Once you’ve made your move, you can’t move again unless the ref gives you permission to move your hand or foot to let another player’s hand or foot through!
  3. If all six circles of one color are taken, spin again.
  4. If the ref calls a hand/foot and color combination you’re already doing, you must move your hand or foot to a different circle of the same color. (If all six are taken, spin again).
  5. If a knee or an elbow lands on the mat, or if you fall over, you’re out!

End of the Game

The last player left in the game wins!


Tip: Good strategy is to advance toward an opponent in an attempt to keep him in his end of the vinyl sheet. This will give him a smaller area of circles on which to gain each position, without going under or over the advancing player.


Take turns performing the moves the ref calls out, e.g., the first spin is for Player 1, the second for Player 2 etc. This way, you’ll all be making different twists and you could get even more tangled!

Teaming Up

Lots of players? Split into teams (pairs work best). Team members can share the same circle.

As soon as one player falls over or touches the mat with a knee or elbow, that team is out. Keep playing until only one team is left in the game. That team wins!

Twister Tournament

Each team plays every other team in the league. Keep score of victories and defeats to see which team will triumph!

Twister Knockout Play

Play Twister the knockout challenge way.

The winning team stays on the mat and takes on new contenders until all the teams have played. The last team left in the game wins!

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