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UNO Poker Card Game



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  • Easy to learn, fast and fun to play
  • Earn points from other players when you go out first
  • Ages 7 +
  • 2-10 players


rules of the Uno Card Game are simple: each player receives 7 cards in their
hand while the remaining cards become the “draw” pile. The top card of the draw
pile is turned over to form the “discard” pile. Then the fun begins! With Uno
Card Game, players must match the card in the discard pile by color, number, or
word. If a player he can’t match the discard pile in any of those ways, then he
or she must draw from the pile for his or her turn. When a player has only one
card left in the hand, he or she must yell “Uno” to let the other player know.
But, in the Uno Card Game, if a player doesn’t yell “Uno” right away and is
caught with one card, then he or she must draw two more cards and keep playing.
The first player with no cards in the Uno Card Game is the winner.

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