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Kids Baby Toy Educational Color Display Laptop


This series of laptop is especially developed according to children’s psychological characteristics and by adopting advanced technologies. They are simplified yet interesting computer of unique realistic interactive in helping children learn independently and build up creative skills. It’s really a good part for children to enjoy better intellectual developments. This has a qwerty keyboard and comes with eighty activities and games that include learning letters, vocabulary, spelling, synonyms, antonyms, tenses, keyboard typing skills, mathematics, memory training, logic development and music note tutor. Letters: 01.learning letters 02.writing letters 03.same letters 04.after or before 05.letter order 06.arrange letters 07.letter test words: 08.learning words 09.spelling words 10.beginning letter 11.vowels 12.missing letter 13 correct the word 14.scramble 15.find the word 16.find the picture 17.word test 18.word guess 19.plural 20.synonym 21.antonym 22.past tense 23.past participle numbers:24.learning numbers 25.writing numbers 26.spelling numbers 27.find the number 28.number order 29.arrange numbers 30 counting 31.number test 32.big or less 33.even or odd math:34.add it 35.subtract it 36.addition 37.subtraction 38.multiplication 39.division 40.learning time 41.missing number 42.missing sign 43.exercise 1 44.exercise 2 45.exercise 3 46.exercise 4 music:47.learning notes 48.find note 49.note test test time song 53.random keyboard:54 touch typing 55.typing 1 56.typing 2 57.typing 3 58.typing 4 memory:59.find the same numbers 60.find the same letters 61.find the same picture 62.pairing the numbers 63.pairing the letters 64.pairing the pictures 65.number flying 66.working order logic:67.fill it up 68 connected graph 69.puzzle 70.renew the picture 71.explorer game:72.dropping 73.firing 74.snap shot 75.worm run the holes 77.ghost basher 78.painting tools:79.clock 80.animationary

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