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Toy Hamburger Drawer Suitecase


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A lot of accessories, more fun that drawbar suite case can be easily stored and carriers, and it can cultivate childrens good habits to sort and keep tidy.

  • FUNCTION OF DRAW BAR SUITCASE – draw bar designed, freely flexible, suitable for children to grasp. labor-savings to drag, easy to carry, baby can draw anywhere while playing.
  • DUMMY KITCHEN WEAR AND FOODS – With variety of accessories, baby can run their own hamburger restaurants according to their own preferences to improve their imitation ability and imagination.
  • FOOD ORDERING TABLE – Its simulates the real seen to order the meals, letting the baby more profoundly understand and feel the joys of life in the process of play.
  • SHOPPING SCANNER – Its simulate real acoustic-optic effects, so babies can learn more knowledge of life while expressing the fun of shopping
  • SETTLEMENT TABLE – The baby can profoundly play the interesting role of sales person in their play.
  • DRAW BAR SUITCASE SORTING & STORAGE DESIGN – Sorting and storage space design of the draw bar suitcase make it convenient for the babies to sort and put the objects to original places, so that child can form a good habit of sorting and returning objects from childhood.

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