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Stainless Steel Towel Rack


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  • Body is composed of stainless steel clad pipe
  • Grade A plastic parts
  • Top tier is a classic umbrella rack for hanging smalllaundry article
  • Second and third tier are also umbrella rack but strongerin structure to hang more
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Easy to assemble and no tools required
  • The top tier has 24 clips for socks and intimates, plus holes in each arm for hangers
  • The bottom tier extends 32 useful arms for hanging slacks, shorts, PJs and more
  • Dimensions: (H) 172 x (W) 83 x (D) 83 cm
  • Stainless Steel clad pipe, PP
  • Umbrella rack is 360 degree rotatable
  • 3 Tiers Foldable Cloth Hanging and Drying Rack
  • Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Use
  • 3 Tiers and large capacity

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Our 3 Tier Dryer rack gives you all the options you need to .The dryer is quick and easy to assemble no tools required. And once it is put together, you can collapse it like an umbrella for easy, discrete storage between laundry days. Oir dry your entire wardrobe, saving energy, your pocket and the integrity of your clothes. ur environmentally-conscious laundry options bring you the quality and efficiency you need to organize your laundry rooms and re-discover the joys of air-dried linens and garments inside and outside.Take the hassle out of laundry and save space at the same time with a Two-Tier Dry Rack. Featuring 24 hanging clips and 32 arms for quickly drying clothes, this rack boasts a sturdy Stainless Steel clad tripod design with ample drying potential from a compact design. Perfect for anyone with more laundry than space or people looking for a non-traditional Christmas tree.

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