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Kids Toy Rail King Train Set


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  • Specification/ Category/ Other Toys Weight 1.1 kilograms
  • Description Rail 06 TL Size Large Railroad Toy consists of 19 PCs. With a larger model and more cars, use AA 2 PCs Battery (Not included) really suitable to be used as a gift for your little one at home at home.Track Dimension: 204,1 cm Diameter if it is modeled into a circle / 276, 1 cm if using a straight track Advantages and Completeness:- Loco Dimension P: 14cm- Dimension of the second carriage P: 10cm- Dimension of Passenger Box P: 10cm- Dimension of Carriage to 3 P: 12cm- Dimension of the Final Carriage P: 8.5cm- Track that is flexible to be modified into a circle or oval, for the 14th oval Train track must be raft in advance (if it has been assembled the track will be an oval model)- The light is on the front of the loco so it will coolNB: The battery installation is on the loco. and smooth.If not, the train will jam / reverse exit the track.The level of adjustment of the track with the loco and the carriage is more difficult than the king size / small rail. This one is a big model. For the responsibility and small models there are also in our storefront.
  • Packaging size 50cm X 6cm X 30cm

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