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Kids 3 in 1 Swing Set With Rope


Additional characteristics: Children develop in a specific way. For example, they must first learn to sit on their own before they can even crawl and eventually walk. This is equally true of how they develop their writing skills.

As soon as the kids arrive at their first playground, they head to the colorful swings, slides and various climbing structures. All these activities are extremely useful for the development of their young mind. In addition, this way you present them with a healthy lifestyle.

Today, the world is captivated by many technologies, so we recommend that you surprise your child with the 3 in 1 swing. With it you will guarantee him unforgettable moments filled with irreplaceable fun.

Benefits: The universal device has wonderful colors that attract children’s attention. Swinging is everyone’s favorite activity, so you certainly won’t regret your choice.

The swing has the following benefits that they will be able to take advantage of:

  • Muscle development.
  • Improving coordination.
  • Overcoming the fear of heights and guaranteed fun.

To reassure all parents, the product is completely safe to use. It is suitable for kids from 3 months to 7 years. This is due to the innovative design, which can be transformed into three variants. This way, the product will actually grow with your child.

The set is made of high quality plastic, which is quite durable. The ropes that hold the product secure and allow it to swing are also made of reliable material, but care must be taken, as the recommended maximum weight is no more than 20 kg.

The outdoor toy is perfect for the summer months and can be placed absolutely anywhere. However, it is important to familiarize your child with the safety rules before use.

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  • Description:swing
  • Item No.:28881
  • Package:Color box
  • Qty/Carton:6
  • Size: 46 x 28 x 42 cm ropes: 170 cm
  • Age: 6 month+ years
  • set contains: 2 pcs. ropes with hooks for hanging, base, safety board, backrest
  • This is a 3 in 1 set, 1. A swing with restrain shields for infants from 6 months to 2 years
    2. A chair swing for children 2 to 5 years
    3. A seat swing for children from 5 to 7 years

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Weight 3 kg


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