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Special Features
Premium Quality – Premium quality fabric ensures maximum breath ability and flexibility to your child.
Easy Movement – The amazing design and the cut will offer your kid easy leg movement without much hassle.
Upto 12 hours absorption – Absorbs for upto 12 hours to keep the baby’s skin dry and comfortable overnight.
Super stretchy elastic – The elastic adapts to the baby’s waist to give a comfortable fit.
Double Leak-guard – Prevents leakage along the sides.
No irritation – Will help to keep your baby’s skin dry, rash free and healthy.

Brand: Huggies
Item: Wonder Pants
Size: Small
Weight Recommendation: 4 to 8Kg
Quantity in Pack: 20 Pcs
Country of Origin: India

How to Use & Dispose
How to Wear – Lift the baby’s legs one by one and pull the diaper pant up.
How to Remove – After the Diaper is fully used, tear off both sides and pull the diaper down for removal.
How to Dispose – Dispose of the used diaper in dry waste bin. Do not flush the used diaper in toilet.

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Choosing the right diaper is one of the most important factors for your baby’s comfort. Introducing the new Huggies Wonder Pants designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Huggies Wonder Pants has a super stretchy elastic which adapts to the baby’s waist size to give a gentle, comfortable fit. And it provides up to 12 hours of absorption for uninterrupted play and sleep time for your baby.

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