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Huggies Diapers Ultra Soft XS 22pcs


  • Extra dry layer for enhanced comfort and protection
  • Feather soft material inside and out to keep your baby comfortable and prevent waist-band marks
  • Air fresh cover helps in free flow of air to keep your baby’s skin dry
  • Double leak guard prevents leakage along the sides
  • Quick absorption soaks wetness instantly keeping your baby dry up to 12 hrs
  • It is easy to wear and fits like an underwear
  • Instructions Included

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  • From the manufacturer

    Huggies ultra soft pants are our softest diaper pants. The ultra soft range is the very best from Huggies and features cotton-like softness to gently hug your baby. Every ultra soft diaper pant is clinically proven to help prevent rashes.

    • Clinically proven to help prevent rashes*
    • Cottony softness all round keeps your baby’s precious skin perfect
    • Outstanding absorption for upto 12 hours wraps your baby in a world of comfort
    • Wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue to suggest that it’s time for a diaper change
    • Air-fresh material that lets your baby’s sensitive skin breathe
    • Super-stretchy material that fits your baby like a mother’s hug

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