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GLOBAL Small Diaper 30 pcs


  • Pants type diapers
  • Practically used everyday
  • It has a new feature with high absorption, a soft layer of cotton and has a super gel content that absorbs very quickly
  • Dry when used so that the baby’s skin is maintained and free from irritation
  • Weight 3 – 6 Kg

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Parents always want to provide good quality products to protect and protect their children, for example the use of diapers. Very practical type of baby diaper and is only used once. Made of good quality material so that they are soft, smooth, and comfortable when worn by the Little One. Besides that, diapers won’t irritate the baby’s skin so it’s safe to use. These baby diapers also have a high absorption ability and are evenly distributed, so that the surface will stay dry and clean when used by your baby.

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