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Package Contents: 16Packs

Size: 12 – 17KG

Hip Size/ Weight Loads:
XL size is suitable for Walker from 12 to 17 kg.


SoftLove Smart Pants are Easy to use and Easy to remove

  1. * Super Absorbency
    New “Fast Infiltration” surface allows faster liquid absorption. With new”Liquid Lock” system, surface dries faster and stay dry longer for baby’s comfort and hygiene
  2. * Super fit pant
    360 Soft Stretchable waistband. Ultra-soft stretch material prevents baby’s skin from red markings
  3. * Soft & Dry cover
    Ultra soft cotton-like cover and new “Liquid Lock” system, help surface dries faster and stays dry longer for baby’s comfort and hygiene.
  4. * Side Leak Guard
    New Leak Guard design reduces risk of side leakage.
  5. * USP fit pants
    360 Soft Stretchable Waistband Ultra-soft stretch material prevents baby’s skin from red markings.
  6. * Frontside Pants
    Use pants “UP” sign as front side


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Modern diapers must meet the needs of child and moms, is for this reason that SoftLove made with materials that have been developed to assure comfort and excellent fluid management, to be safe and useful, and to perform in the best way possible together with the other components of the final product based on the specific diaper structure

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